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Ignore Specific HTTP codes

Would be nice to be able to ignore specific HTTP codes, to exclude them from User satisfaction.  For example is a user hits a 401 response, due to a session time out (which can be triggered form any URL), this does not get logged as an "Error" which pulls down user satisfaction.

So would be nice to be able to exclude any specified HTTP response codes from user satisfaction score.

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  • Jul 31 2018
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    13 Feb 06:30pm

    Damn..that really sucks…This is essentially producing a false report.


    How am I suppose to properly setup alert thresholds for error rate if the greatest source of alerts are these 404’s from bots? We should have a quick way to identify URL requests from bots or other malicious actors and just ignore them

    Same applies for satisfaction rate. It kinda tanks the whole idea of setting up alerts. Right now we just get a bunch of white noise.  This should really be prioritized.

    Also, it kinda doesn't really paint of an accurate picture of how our site is performing if the greatest source of alerts is caused by bot activity hitting bogus URLs.

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    Guest commented
    14 Aug, 2018 02:13pm

    Arguably it should get logged as an Error. As a user of many websites, nothing annoys me more than filling out a form, clicking Submit, and being told my session was stale and then I lost all my form data.


    An application with a high User Satisfaction score is aware of session time outs and has a workflow to safely transition the application's state machine into a safe state, thus minimizing 401s..