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Modernize & get more thorough with the .NET Core ILoggerFactory documentation

In this doc about .NET Core logging with LoggerFactory, there's an explicit note that you shouldn't do this if you're using a third-party logger:

NOTE: If you are using one of the standard third party libraries, there is no reason to do this also!

However, in the referenced article, it goes on to explain why you need a third-party logger (to write files) and how this should be implemented.  I tried to track down the referenced StackifyLib.CoreLogger Nuget package, but the package version (updated last month to 2.1.4) doesn't jive with the GitHub source that says it hasn't been modified in over a year.

So, in the docs, it suggests to rely on the third-party sink to Stackify, but in the article it suggests to manage them separately and rely on the LoggerFactory for distribution (which also gives you the option to diversify filtering by target).

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  • Apr 5 2019
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