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Custom Dashboards Visual Improvements

1. For the widgets on a custom dashboard, adjusting the layout so that the time frame for the graphs of each widget are proportionate and aligned with one another so that the view feels balanced and straight.  Making it so that time x is inline with time x from top to bottom, whether there's two graphs on a dashboard or 5.  

2. For graphs that present data in percentage from 0 to 100%, adding an option to maintain the range from 0 to 100% instead of adjusting the scale of the graph based on the quantity of the value.  This would give more perspective to a value. For example if the y-axis is 0-100, 8% is going to look small but if the graph is 0 -10%, 8 is going to look much larger than it would in a full perspective. 

3. Adding the ability to customize the color of the graph to colors other than just the default Blue.  

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  • Jul 11 2019
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