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Web Log Analysis e.g. Browser Stats, Advanced Queries

We ingest our IIS web logs into Retrace, but get limited value out of them at the moment.  I would like to be able to be able to get some good aggregated statistics from these logs.  There are scenarios where we cannot use JavaScript / 3rd party solutions such as Google Analytics or RUM.  
This would include useful transformations such as Browser, OS, etc. Think old-school AwStats.
Also I'd like to be able to do more advanced queries on the log data.  For example, group by username and date and count rows. Think old-school LogParser.
This would primarily be a feature of "Errors and Logs".  There may be flow-on benefits into APM too though.  
Currently, I have to also push my web logs into others products to get these stats out and I'd love to ditch that and save myself lots of time!
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  • Jan 18 2018
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