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ELMAH rich exceptions for .NET

Hi Stackify,


I've been evaluating Stackify as an APM and exception logging tool for our .NET web/console apps.


I found the exception logging component was lacking features that we become accustom to with our ELMAH exception logger, especially for web apps.

- Request variable (which includes Querystring, Form, Cookies)

- Session, Server, Exception.Data variables

- custom fields (which could be in the Exception.Data, that works)

- full stack trace (expands all embedded exceptions)


For custom fields we have a couple things,

- "ErrorCode" which we use to link front-end issues to an exception that was thrown when a user sees and error and calls our customer support.

- "ErrorType" to identify the error level, just INFO or actually an ERROR

- we also use the Exception.Data collection to store miscellaneous data specific to the error that will help with diagnosing.


I was wondering if this information can be made available in the exception logging portion of Retrace?




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  • Feb 5 2018
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