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Change Envrironment Filter Drop Down


One thing I’ve found sort of annoying is the way you have to go about switching environments. Every time I login, it defaults to “All” which is never what I want. You’ve got to click the drop down, click “Select All” (to deselect all), then click the one environment you’re interested in, then click somewhere outside the drop down to close and apply it. Plus, you have to repeat this process on both the “Web Apps” page and “Servers” pages because they’re independent. Some pages have a different sort pop-up window interface. I would love to have the option of a single drop down up in the navigation bar that controlled filtering on all pages on the site that also persisted its state via a cookie or something.  I would also love it if the drop down had dual operation – so if you clicked right in the checkbox it operates as it does now (turning the checkbox on or off) but if you clicked an environment name (the text part) it selected just that checkbox and immediately closed the drop down and applied a filter to a single environment.

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  • Mar 2 2018
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