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Compute and present better statistics - Max and 90% as well as mean

Average time is so misleading.  it means that half of the requests were faster than this, but half were worse. but how much worse is not know

70% of the time I am in the i product I spend clicking on request and looking at the max number to see if it needs attention - by seeing that in any of the tables such as the "slowest" I could find and prioritize things so much faster.


90% is also an extremely useful metric - because I describe the time that most users experienced. the visual studio load testing software has this and the 95% percentile and its helpful, but does nothing for live systems with real humans

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  • Mar 23 2018
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    3 Aug, 2018 03:51pm

    I think median time would be what you describe as half of requests slow/faster.  Average is still susceptible to outliers.