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Provide a way to determine which apps and/or app pools is overloading a server

We can configuration monitoring on CPU and memory of a server.

When accessing the server dashboard, for example to look-up what is going wrong after receiving an alert, there is no way to know which app pools are taking up the ressources.

The process tab-sheet provide a list of CPU and memory usage per process. For app pools, they all have the same exe name (w3wp.exe) and only the process id is different but that does not help as most of the time the person using Stackify does not have remote access to the servers.

The goal is to be able to quickly identify the possible culprints and then explore the matching web app dahsboard data.

We could see different solutions:

  • display additional information, like the app pool name, in the "Processes" list

  • display the CPU and memory usage in the "Web App Pools" and "Web Apps" lists

  • display of web apps in a server dashboard the same way we can see all instances CPU and memory graphs in a web app dashboard

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  • Jun 23 2021
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