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Ability to Export APM+ data to Excel for Analysis

We are heavily analyzing the output of all requests and all db calls for a given time period (using the date picker on APM+).

It would be really helpful to be able to export this data (as seen on the APM+ tabs for 'By Requests' and 'SQL Queries') into an xlsx (or CSV) rather than copying and pasting from the page manually.

This takes some time when there are lots of calls and pages to navigate through!

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  • Apr 16 2018
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    August 01, 2019 21:54

    With today's deployment users can now export the grid results of the application performance tabs!

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    April 18, 2019 21:16

    Honestly – I would pay an “Enterprise” rate above the current price of retrace to get this feature.

    I really am after getting P90, P95 numbers like you would see in the Microsoft Load Test or

    I realize I would not get detailed trace data like RETRACE provides under this analysis, but now I
    Chase so many blind alleys because the Average (P50) is so misleading – with 500 requests
    The mean suggests that 250 requests are faster than the average and 250 are below.

    You could have a completely garbage app but mean your “mean” is below the threshold…

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    March 15, 2019 14:33


    Definitely need this feature.