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Be able to monitor APIs that have been idle too long

I am requesting to be able to receive alerts when an API is inactive for too long. We have monitors that can alert when an API receives too much traffic, but not when one doesn't receive enough.

My use case is we have a third party vendor that sends us data. We can be alerted when our service is down, or when it is going wild, but if their service is down, we have no way to tell that right now. Worse is when something in the middle is dropping requests (our DNS got messed up recently). We started having data loss after 12 hours, and we didn't know it wasn't working until someone in the business noticed 3 days later!!!

This API receives data pretty frequently, but it can go an hour or so without any traffic throughout the day. We want a way to warn when there has been no data for a configurable period of time. I can also see the utility for allowing a lower threshold instead of it needing to be no activity at all.

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  • Oct 21 2021
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