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APM support for .NET Console Applications

We have a number of .NET console applications that we use to run internal processes but they are not setup as windows services.  They are regular .exe applications that we launch with scheduled tasks.

I haven't seen any other tool support this but would love to get the same APM data from a console application that makes external web requests as well as database calls.

Would be extremely helpful for us to be able to monitor these types of processes.




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  • Jun 15 2018
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  • Guest commented
    19 Feb, 2019 06:25am

    The link below is broken

  • Guest commented
    2 Oct, 2018 04:47am

    The link below is broken.  I assume that the advice to profile a Console application is the same for a Windows Service?

  • Guest commented
    19 Jun, 2018 04:05am

    Hi Ken, thanks for submitting. I do believe we should be able to help you get this running using our non-web-app profiling guidance found here. There are some extra steps to define your custom transactions since there isn't the typical entry point that you have with a web page request, but should be able to get what you're after. If you run into any hurdles getting it going, please reach out to our Support team and they will be happy to help answer any questions!