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Full APM support for Ruby

With Retrace being the most attractive alternative to New Relic it would be great to get full APM support for Ruby on the platform. Ruby is used in a lot of projects, especially in the startup centric silicon valley, and support would not only benefit us as users of the language, but Stackify as well given the potential customers.

Ruby is also very easy to add APM to, due to the dynamic and open nature of the language as well as the deep introspection abilities that exist in the core language (down to hooking into GC and memory management). Adding APM support for the language should not impossible.

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  • Jun 19 2018
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    Craig Ferril commented
    June 19, 2018 13:58

    Thanks for your submission and interest, and we agree with you! We have R&D in progress now and look forward to offering Ruby support along with some other new languages in the not too distant future. Stay tuned! 

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    Guest commented
    July 06, 2018 01:18

    I agree and vote for full APM support for Ruby!